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Children’s Illustration

I love to create characters and build them a world to exist in. I think the day I realised that I could create anything, make any kind of world, make snow when I long for it, create a sausage dog when I want one but can’t have one, make a little person with feelings and dreams and things that make them happy, was one of the most magical moments I have ever had. What a wonderful thing, to bring new worlds and characters to life!

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Abigail & Anything (the snow goose)


Abigail can’t sleep because she is scared. “Anything could be hiding in the dark” she calls out. Anything, the Snow Goose, hears her name from where she is hiding and makes a sound. Abigail investigates and the two meet. Anything has an idea. Maybe she could take Abigail to a place that in summer never gets dark. So they go to the Arctic. Then Abigail remembers that there is a city that never sleeps, so they fly off to New York. They fly around the world exploring places filled with light until Abigail realises she is not scared of the dark anymore. She had made friends with her worst fear, the ‘anything’ that could be hiding out there.

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