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Iā€™m so pleased you have got in touch and look forward to working with you to create you a stunning website. To help get started it would be great to get a little bit of information from you about who you are, your goals for the website, your industry, the features you would like. This form offers an initial way to capture some of the key information that I need to start bringing your website to life.

Name *
e.g. do you sell services or products? Is it an online portfolio? Or a site to highlight an event or campaign?
e.g. who is your ideal client? Who do you want to see your skills/services/products?
e.g. do you want them to hire you? contact you? buy something? come to your event? etc.
e.g. if it is a personal portfolio what are three words that describe your professionally? If it is a brand, what are three words to describe your brand? etc
It is great if you can do a little research and give me a couple of examples of websites you love. It is great if at least one of these is from your industry. This helps me get to know your taste a little bit.
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