Dahlias and Heroes (framed original)

Dahlias and Heroes (framed original)


I love Dahlias and I love Mirka Mora, a Melbourne artist renowned for her whimsical imagination and strange characters. Growing up in Melbourne, she was a hero of mine. I envied her urban lifestyle and the way she bought what she missed from Europe to her Melbourne home. Her characters adorn the jacket in this drawing.

Pen, ink, gouache & watercolor on 100% cotton watercolor paper. Framed in a beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood handmade frame.

Frame size: 510mm x 300mm
Image size: 310mm x 170mm

SHIPPING FOR FRAMED ITEMS IS CURRENTLY PRICED ONLY FOR AUSTRALIA. If you live elsewhere and would like to purchase a framed item, please get in touch so I can give you a quote for the shipping cost as it is quite variable when sending heavy things overseas. Thank you!

(Please note: All frames and artwork is made by hand in our studio so comes with the love and quirks of any handmade product).

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